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What Just Happened?!
Surviving Family Court, a podcast for those needing guidance navigating the stresses of the Family Court - and their loved ones.
The Fresh Rebellion
On a mission to take back the lives we love from sickness due to the food we eat. Join Michelle Girasole and other experts who want to help us live a vibrant, healthy, life!
Ponytale Talk
If you want to break the glass ceiling or just move a couple rungs up the career ladder, you will need to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Covering Your A$$ets During Divorce
Bringing years of experience to provide her clients with objective, unbiased advice, she will be discussing tips on how to begin the divorce process, how to obtain financial independence and making a case for your support.
The Truth About Change: Focus on People to Achieve Results
With over three decades of experience in leading and advising organizations, Hillary will discuss the five steps to leading change, how to gain alignment and agreement with your management team, and succeeding at change: a change leader's road map.


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