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Patricia Raskin

host of the Patricia Raskin Positive Living radio show, is a nationally recognized, multi-media radio talk show host, award-winning producer, speaker and author.

In my book Pathfinding I write, "For many people, finding their purpose becomes a life-long search. Others seem to find it early on in their quest for selfhood... The path to our purpose is an inner path. Our purpose is not something we discover, it's something we uncover. Finding our purpose answers the question, "Why am I here?" ... "What path have I chosen?" and "Am I on the right path?"

We all hear and we all listen but there is a big difference between the two in quality and quantity. When we hear, we hear words. When we are not paying attention, we hear sound. If we look attentive, we can often get away with not listening, but listening gives us and the person we are talking to something far greater.

The saying goes that the car you drive tells a lot about you. I think that is also true of your home. You may not be the in the home of your dreams, but where you select to live and what you select to be in your home, certainly speaks to your choices and values.

The term entrepreneur wasn't something I was raised to think about. I was given the gift of singing as a child. I became a teacher and guidance counselor. I never dreamed that one day I would use my voice and counseling skills as an independent radio broadcaster. I do believe that my drive and passion and energy, thirst for learning about people and focus comes from my genes.

In my book Pathfinding I write, "Psychologists have estimated that the average person has over 62,000 thoughts each day. Most people's thoughts are a hodgepodge of internal concerns about money, sex, work, rent, car payments, meals, TV programming, health care, grocery lists, family issues, child rearing, the economy and traffic.

pathfinding_front_coverMs. Raskin draws from her own personal experiences, and from the experiences and research of experts who have appeared on her media programs, to inspire and motivate readers to turn everyday obstacles and challenges into opportunities and solutions through the introduction of the seven principles to living a happy healthy lifestyle.

Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living offers readers inspiration, wisdom, suggestions, and solutions to issues they face in their daily lives. The issues presented in this book affect us all, and the underlying message is that we all have the ability to create positive experiences and achieve both internal and external success in our lives while working through life’s challenges. Her seven principles are:

  1. Honor Your Heritage
  2. Be in the Precious Present
  3. Use your Imperfections to Perfect Your Life
  4. Honor your innate talents and abilities
  5. Focus on the Positives
  6. Respect, Nurture and Protect Your Relationships
  7. See Miracles in Everyday Life.

“The Host Coach” Patricia Raskin…Turns Authors and Others into Consummate Radio Show Hosts




dailynewsYou’ve been thinking that you’d like a wider platform, that you’d like to begin hosting your own radio show…but the whole idea is a bit intimidating. Where do you start? Are your interviewing skills up to speed, can you manage the technology, what’s the best format, how do you get people to listen, what about sponsors?
The answers are at hand! Through her radio coaching program Patricia Raskin, can nurture your hosting skills and bring you along until you are thoroughly at home in the host’s chair. One of the first to host  radio programs on the internet, she understands the value and has seen the rapid growth of online radio programs.

** Click Here to listen to Patricia's interview with Scott Channel, where she gives tips for radio talk show hosts. **

"I never thought that I was going to host my own radio show, much less a highly successful one. My reality far exceeded my expectations. Patricia Raskin made this process possible. With her infectious tenacity she guided me from author to interviewer. I learned the details of the business and I gained the self-confidence I needed to interview such guests as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil just 14 weeks into my show. Patricia Raskin is one of those rare individuals that possess honesty, integrity, and a powerful work ethic that is long since forgotten in today’s industry. This is why she is successful…this is why I have the Dr. A Show!" - Will Aguila, M.D. “Dr. A”, Weight loss expert and speaker, Host of "The Dr. A" Show, Author Why I Don’t Lose Weight

"I feel you are a God send. This is beyond coaching, more like mentoring....and you are a leader. I wish everyone had a Patricia in her life to help guide her in her career path." - Teisha Powell, Esq., Radio Talk show host "Talk with Teisha" and author of The Homeowner’s Guide to Surviving Foreclosure

Raskin is the creator of The Patricia Raskin show. Her guests have included Dr. Maya Angelou, Jane Seymour, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Lisa Oz, Dr. Dean Ornish, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Debbie Ford, Mariel Hemingway, Richard Bach, Hale Dwoskin, Patty Duke, John Gray, Gay Hendricks, Marci Shimoff, Eliott Gould, Arielle Ford, and hundreds of other prominent authors, experts, and celebrities. She is recognized by her peers and listeners as the nation’s “powerhouse voice” behind lifestyle, health and wellness and personal change talk radio for the quality of her celebrity and expert guests and professional interview style and tone.  Raskin states, “We’ll bring out your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses, creating a show that will be compelling for your listeners.”

Individualized radio coaching packages include:

  • Creating goals for program
  • Matching goals to outcomes
  • Developing show title
  • Developing topics
  • Designing a show format
  • Providing guest leads
  • Producing ideas
  • Interviewing skills and style
  • Listening & critiquing shows
  • Promotion and marketing

Raskin customizes radio coaching packages depending on whether you have your own show already or whether she finds the network for you.

Patricia Raskin’s radio coaching was invaluable to me! She really showed me the ins and outs of hosting, while teaching me to be my own personality!” says Dr. Terri Orbuch, Ph.D. The Love Doctor, Host, “The Love Doctor.”   “Her expertise and experience in the radio business came through at every step of the process. Patricia gave me feedback and guidance on my show format, design, production ideas, and marketing. She knows what works! Her critiquing of my show, segment-by-segment was extremely helpful. She even coached me on my interviewing skills and style including, my timing and questions.


Patricia Raskin, M.Ed is The Radio Host Coach, who helps clients get a head start on their own radio shows. She is also an award winning producer and host of The Patricia Raskin Show radio program, and owner of Raskin Resources Productions, Inc.. A sought-after motivational speaker, she is the author of Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living, and Success, Your Dream and You. As the founder and passion behind positive media programs for the past 25 years, Raskin has hosted and produced television programs on FOX and PBS affiliates, and on the radio on WTKF and the NPR affiliate Public Radio East in North Carolina.
Famous for their prestigious and national line up of guests, The Patricia Raskin Show can be heard on Southern New England’s leading radio station, 630 WPRO-AM, 99.7 FM, and online at Her Positive Business program can be heard on AM790 WPRV and online at Patricia hosts two other radio programs on the internet on and

For further information on individual coaching, finding the right network to host your own show, or availability to be a regular featured guest on one of Patricia's four radio programs, contact her at 401-398-8114 or 401-440-6299 or at



PatriciaPatricia Raskin, host of the The Patricia Raskin Show, is a nationally recognized multi-media radio talk show host, award-winning producer, media coach, speaker and author. She is recognized by her peers and listeners as the "powerhouse voice" behind lifestyle, health and wellness, inspirational, and personal growth talk radio.

Patricia helps people turn their obstacles into opportunities and challenges into solutions to make their dreams come true through her renowned interviews with the "best of the best" motivational and self-improvement experts. Patricia has interviewed nearly 2,000 guests on her The Patricia Raskin Show television and radio programs; including Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Joan Lunden, Dr. Mehmet Oz, James Van Praagh, and Jane Seymour.

patricia raskin @ wproPatricia has also authored two books, Success, Your Dream and You and Pathfinding: 7 Principles for Positive Living, in addition to writing nearly 700 newspaper columns and producing and hosting over 500 television shows and documentaries.

Patricia's The Patricia Raskin Show programs have aired on Fox, PBS, and NPR affiliates, and WTKF, 107.3 FM. Patricia's programs can currently be heard Saturdays 4-6pm ET on Southern New England's leading radio station, 630 WPRO AM, 99.7 FM,, Mondays at 2pm ET on, on demand on and "Positive Business Fridays on AM790 3-5pm ET.

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