Coaching Tips

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Interview Tips

How to Host Online Radio

  • Research internet radio networks.
  • Choose the one that represents the type of work and message you deliver.
  • Take advantage of host training or hire a radio coach.
  • Determine if you will do interviews and the type of guests you want.
  • Have guest information with questions ready for the interview.
  • Send your guests a promotional announcement before the interview.
  • Send the link of the recorded show to your guest.

How to Answer Interview Questions

Seven Media interview Tips:

  • Have a clear message that is easy for to understand.
  • Be enthusiastic and passionate about your message.
  • Prepare for the interview and rehearse.
  • Develop effective sound bites – getting your message across in a couple of sentences
  • Learn how to turn negative questions into positive answers.
  • Know the controversial questions and have answers ready.
  • Know something about the interviewer's style – if it is a media interview, watch or listen to other programs.


How to Get Sponsors

Get Sponsors:

  • Unless you are being sponsored before your show begins, allow 3 months of air time to obtain sponsors.
  • Show potential sponsors show ratings and show interest by listeners.
  • Show sponsors how your program will help them promote their product or service.
  • Always keep your sponsors in mind for interviews, commercials and other ways to participate in your show.
  • Always be on the lookout for new sponsors whose message fits the concept of your radio show.
  • Reach out to local companies, both profit and non-profit.
  • Send proposals to potential sponsors that outline features, benefits, ratings and demographics.


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