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What our clients are saying:

“My experience working with Patricia has been incredible. She brings a passion and excitement to her coaching, and its contagious and uplifting. She really listens and asks thought-provoking questions, and it’s evident that she truly cares about her clients. She has been great at strategizing with me on how to build my business and my brand and hone my interview technique, and her advice is well thought-out and often times outside-the-box. As a bonus, Patricia has such a positive energy that working with her is just a ton of fun! I feel lucky to have found Patricia and I can confidently say that she is an asset to anyone looking to work in broadcasting.”

Erika Finn, Lifestyle Expert and Coach, Huffington Post contributor, Lawyer, Host of “The Erika Finn Radio Show”


“I never thought I would host my own radio show, much less a highly successful one. Reality far exceeded expectations. Patricia Raskin made this process possible. With her infectious tenacity she guided me from author to interviewer. I learned the business and gained the self-confidence to interview such guests as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil just 14 weeks into my show. She is one of those rare individuals that possess honesty, integrity, and a powerful work ethic that is long since forgotten in today’s industry. This is why she is successful…this is why I have the Dr. A Show!”

Dr. Will Aguila, M.D., Weight Loss Expert, Radio Host of “The Dr. A Show”


“I worked with Patricia as a radio show coach. She did an outstanding job. She helped me with the wording to describe my show, we worked together on the title, the intros and the outros. She coached me in radio presentation styles and gave me many helpful pointers and recommendations. After every session, she sent thorough notes so I wouldn’t forget anything! It was a pleasure to work with Patricia and I highly recommend her coaching skills.”

Liz Lewinson, Speaker, Author, Technologist, Feminist, Radio Host, “Zen Feminism for Men and Women”