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I am in my 18th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and program line-up. Check out their other programs to be inspired. All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at:

Monday, November 2nd - Variety Channel

2:00-2:30PM ET/11:00-11:30PM PT
Dr. Mariette Jansen
From Victim to Victor
Dr. Mariette Jansen wrote her book “From Victim to Victor: Narcissism Survival Guide,” with the goal of it being a comprehensive support tool for those caught under a narcissist’s fierce grip. She writes with expertise on the topic, not only from being a psychotherapist and life coach, but also someone who has suffered from the narcissistic abuse of her mother. This book is written for those looking to break free of their own narcissist, as well as those curious about this personality disorder so often swept under the rug, Dr. Jansen is raw, frank and speaks from the heart; ultimately saving the lives and wellbeing of those suffering in silence. This book gives you everything you need to go from being a victim to a victor. For more information on Dr. Mariette Jansen

Monday, November 9th - Variety Channel

2:00-3:00PM ET/11:00-12:00PM PT
Dr. Timothy J. Smith
Reversing Alzheimers
Dr. Smith is the author of “Reversing Alzheimer’s: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain.” The book shows that in the last seventeen years, our scientific understanding of how the brain works has seen exponential growth. We have discovered that our brains possess the fantastic ability to grow new neurons from stem cells as needed and can rapidly change their structure and function in response to environment and experience. We also now realize that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by multiple metabolic disruptions. This new understanding has catapulted us into a dramatically different mindset. Dr. Smith reveals what causes Alzheimer’s and what we need to do to reverse it. It shows that dementia is caused by a broken metabolism and can be reversed by applying a multi causal, molecular medicine approach, which is based on the most up-to-date peer-reviewed published scientific research as well as mainstream, alternative, complementary, functional, and naturopathic medical models . For more on Dr.Smith

Monday, November 16th - Variety Channel

2:00-3:00PM ET/11:00-12:00PM PT

Monday, November 23rd - Variety Channel

2:30-3:00PM ET/11:30-12:00PM PT
Gail Alofsin
Your Someday is Now
Author, National Speaker, University Professor and Business Development Director, Gail Alofsin shares her brand of positivity and living life to the fullest. Her energetic, educational and inspirational presentations, focused on life and career excellence have been shared throughout the nation and internationally at corporations, universities, conferences, workshops and webinars. Gails book “Your Someday is Now” focuses on best practices in business. Over $42,000 has been raised for local and international non-profits through sales of the book. For More on Gail Alofsin. 

Monday, November 30th - Variety Channel

2:00-3:00PM ET/11:00-12:00PM PT
Bobbie Merril
Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales 
Bobbie Merrill is a veteran therapists and author who has served as a consultant over the past 40 years to thousands of individuals, partners, parents, grandparents, children, teachers, schools, mental health workers, professional organizations, spiritual centers, churches, and temples. She is Hawaii born and raised, and has woven that background into her highly acclaimed book titled “Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild.” Merrill her entrancing Bobbie tells her story of swimming with wild dolphins and whales with such aliveness that her readers surface from its pages with the same wisdom and magic she was blessed to receive and experience. She also unveils the shocking truth she was shown about our soul-tarnishing abuse of these high level beings that has brought them to the brink of extinction. After exposing this crime, Bobbie shifts back to hope and new possibilities needed for these times. She does this by offering us a cetacean-inspired cluster of heart-opening ideas for ending both our human and global crises. For More on Bobbie Merrill.