1. Why do a podcast?
Podcasts listenership is growing from 10-20% a year! This medium increases your exposure and optimizes your traffic generation.
2. How do you reach your listeners?
Simple. Social media marketing is key – use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, newsletters, announcements
3. How do listeners find my podcast?
Once you have posted your podcast, listeners can access you through online searches or podcast networks like Spreaker, Stitcher, and iTunes from any device.
4. How much work is involved?
You need a podcast series title, topics, outline and possibly a loose script. And practice, practice, practice! 
5. What should my focus/topic be?
Focus on whatever your clients and customers need most. Answer the questions they frequently ask, and focus on topics that address their common problems.
6. Do I need to have guests, and if I do, who do I choose?
Guests can definitely help you grow your audience. The more popular and well-known the guest is, the more listeners you will have. Their following now becomes yours!
7. What makes a listener tune in and tune out?
They tune in because they like what you say, how you say it, and need the information. They tune out because the content is boring, they are not getting what they need, or the technical quality is poor.
8. How do I repurpose my podcast?
You can transcribe the material and use it for a blog, create a Q&A on your website, or post podcast highlights on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
9. How do you monetize your podcast?
Selling their own services (63%), Products (62%), Paid speaking (39%), and Advertising (31%)
(Creator Monetization Report 2017)
10.Can I create my own podcast or do I need help?
Most people don’t have the time or expertise to do the technical work. The right coach helps make you make that first leap, and create compelling, engaging content for your listeners.

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