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How to Create a Podcast

Do you want to naturally attract more clients? Do you want client loyalty? Do you want to expand your exposure and network? Do you want to be known as the go to person in your field? Do you want to share your information, your personality, style and uniqueness. Do you want to gain the “know, like and trust” factor in just 30 minutes a week?

Patricia Raskin, with almost 5 decades of broadcast, internet, cable and podcast experience, can help you. With her experience, skill and passion, she will help you to create, develop and produce a winning podcast that will have your listeners wanting to come back for more!

3 Steps to Your Great Podcast!

3 ways to target your audience

Select title from 3 choices
Choose from 5 formats that match your style
Decide on topics, content and stories

up to 3 hours of coaching

Develop a content outline or loose script
Practice delivery and timing
Review, make changes and check timing


Technical – record, edit and upload podcast
Marketing – promote podcast on social media, etc.


Lawrence E. Wilson, Managing Director – The Wilson Organization, LLC

“I’ve known Patricia for several years now and my company, The Wilson Organization for Diversity Training, continues to benefit from her extraordinary media savvy – particularly when it comes to podcast development. Raskin Resources’ leadership in innovative program development and cutting edge content are second to none. Give Patricia a call and experience for yourself how she delivers that big New York and L.A. agency feel at a reasonable price.”

Anaezi Modu, Founder & CEO – REBRAND™

“Chances are you might have a few ideas on what you’d like to share with your future podcast audience. However, as a newbie, it is so helpful to have Patricia’s well-experienced help to hone those ideas, and to outline sessions that will engage your audience, inspiring them to return to hear more.”

Save yourself time and effort you might waste on your own, and get Patricia’s help to increase your chances for success.”

Improve Your Podcast

Get Higher Engagement and Better Results

How We Help

Do you have a podcast that needs fresh new content? Do you want more listeners? Do you want to bring on some experts in your field? Do you want to find ways to repurpose your content? Do you need to refocus your subject matter? Would you like to transmit more energy to your listeners?

Patricia Raskin, with almost 4 decades of broadcast, internet, cable and podcast experience, can help you. With her experience, skill and passion, she will help you to improve and enhance your podcast as well as the opportunity to create a new one.

Below are the steps we take to Improve Your Podcast!

Listen & Critique

Review podcast content and flow.
Listen for tone and modulation.
Assess energy and enthusiasm.

Evaluate on Zoom Call

Discuss episode critique with the client.
Suggest improvements.
Implement changes by client

Follow-up & Reassess

Deliver critique of new episode.
Adjust the content and delivery of podcast.
Design implementation plan.


Jackie Carroll – Virtual Reality “Mind Immersion” Creator – CEO, GIAH (Genie in a Headset) – Author & Entrepreneur

“Patricia was recommended to me by my podcast editor. I went and did a little googling and had a look and listened to a few of Patricia’s podcast shows. Patricia has a very impressive background and she really cares about her clients. I love her interview style and she seems to know how to bring the best out in people. I had never done anything like this before so was a bit sceptical as to how this was going to work and how Patricia could improve what I was doing. After the first two sessions I was impressed with how much we had achieved.”

“Patricia got to understand my speaking “style” quite quickly and made some brilliant suggestions on how to improve my show. It is great to have someone in the industry who has many years experience helping you to brainstorm podcast sessions and episodes.  The sessions with Patricia flow so smoothly and I always come away feeling like I have accomplished quite a lot. Patricia is fair and a woman of complete integrity. If I was to tell someone about Patricia’s podcast coaching I would say that when you work with someone like Patricia you get decades of knowledge, insight and experience which money simply can’t buy. She is easy to get on with and has a very positive demeanor. I would highly recommend working with Patricia as she will give you the guidance and confidence you need to have a successful podcast show.”

Dr. Will Aguila, M.D. – Weight Loss Expert – Radio Host of “The Dr. A Show”

“I never thought I would host my own radio show, much less a highly successful one. Reality far exceeded expectations. Patricia Raskin made this process possible. With her infectious tenacity she guided me from author to interviewer. I learned the business and gained the self-confidence to interview such guests as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil just 14 weeks into my show. She is one of those rare individuals that possess honesty, integrity, and a powerful work ethic that is long since forgotten in today’s industry. This is why she is successful…this is why I have the Dr. A Show!”

Podcast Q&A

What should my Focus be/my topic be?

Whatever your clients and customers need most. Answer the questions they frequently ask and focus on topics that address common problems.

Do I need to have guests, and if I do, who do I choose?

Guests can help you grow your audience. The more popular and well-known the guest is, the more listeners you will have.

What makes a listener tune in/tune out?

They tune in because they like what you say, how you say it, and they need the information. They tune out because the content is boring, they are not getting what they need, or the technical quality is poor.

Podcasts For Healthcare

Patricia specializes in producing podcasts in the area of positive aging and positive living for the healthcare sector.

She understands the needs of active agers and has the resources and expertise to help organizations deliver the message of health and wellbeing to their community and beyond through customized podcasts.

Through interviews with physicians, clinicians, patient advocates, therapists, volunteers and patients, listeners get a deeper look and understanding of the components, intricacies, and outcomes of positive healthcare.

Corporate Training

Through seminars, webinars and keynote talks, Patricia Raskin can help your organization:

Boost Productivity

Better Handle Conflict

Be Better Leaders

Improve Communication

Reduce Stress and Burnout 

Foster Positive Work Environments 

Patricia Raskin, M.Ed., has worked in the communication and training fields for almost four decades. As a pioneer and trailblazer for positive messaging, she facilitates this work as a trainer and motivational public speaker. Patricia has a master’s degree in counseling and is a certified professional coach (CPC). She currently conducts virtual and on-site trainings, seminars and webinars on stress management, work life balance, creating positive work environments, collaborative communication, effective leadership, and healthy living. Patricia has presented these trainings for Verizon, Bank of America, Oracle, Rolls Royce, GlaxoSmithKline, Ace Hardware Corporation, Canon, Pratt & Whitney, Conning, the U.S. House of Representatives, UPS, Yahoo, among many others.

Descriptions of Presentations and Workshops

Dealing Effectively with Challenging Behaviors

Dealing with challenging people and their challenging behaviors can be extremely frustrating. Learning how to navigate a difficult situation will help you de-escalate a situation and come to a resolution. This workshop will identify the characteristics of challenging behaviors encountered in the workplace and how to respond effectively to these behaviors. We will identify the challenging behaviors using Dr. Robert Bramson’s model, identify our own triggers for specific challenging behaviors, and learn and monitor effective responses to challenging behaviors.


Navigating Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations can be uncomfortable and awkward. Sometimes we don’t know how to react or we can’t find the right words to say. This workshop will help you identify the challenges, components, preparation, and steps in having a difficult conversation. Tools to use for effective conversations will be explored and discussed. You will learn the steps involved in having difficult conversations, including introducing the conversation, effective messaging, and giving feedback. Additionally you will understand the four types of communication styles and how to deal with them to create positive outcomes. Patricia will help you develop a process to use to navigate difficult conversations and to practically apply the messaging and feedback process including the use of I-messaging. 


How To Communicate Effectively

Communication sounds simple, but can be one of the most effective tools to a successful life. In this workshop, we will identify different methods of communication, how to give effective feedback, how to say no, and best practices for communicating effectively. Through Patricia’s teaching, you will be able to evaluate the best communication practices and select the ones that apply to the specific situation. 


Assessing Your Conflict Management Style

Everybody can remember a time they experienced conflict in their professional or personal life. Choosing the right conflict resolution style will help eliminate pressure and build more trust for future encounters. Patricia will help you identify the five different conflict management styles, how to select the right style for the conflict situation, and the steps to use to resolve workplace conflict. You will understand the causes of conflict, assess your own conflict styles, determine which style to use in each situation, and know how to prepare for handling conflict.


Relationship-Centered Leadership

What does it take to be a great leader? How do you leave a lasting impression on your staff? In this interactive workshop, we will explain what relationship-centered leadership is, why it is important, learn the difference between task-oriented & relationship-oriented leaders, and ways to adapt a leadership style. Patricia will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of relationship-centered leadership, to know when to use this model, and to have a clear understanding of the needs, interests, and abilities of staff. You will learn how to know which situations are most effective to use the relationship-centered model, to know how to balance meeting the needs of staff and the needs of the task, and to have the tools to enable the staff to do the best job which can ensure success.


Understanding and Dealing with Stress and Burnout

A stressful life can have many detrimental effects on our wellbeing. Whether it is problems at work, family conflicts, or health issues, we all will encounter stress in our lives. In this workshop, Patricia Raskin will help you identify the components and challenges of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. She will empower you with tools to use for burnout prevention. Some goals of this workshop are to define stress and burnout, to understand the sources of stress and burnout, to identify our own sources of stress, and define ways to handle our own stress. You should be able to identify the tools needed to be able to effectively manage stress and to practically apply the strategies discussed. 


Staying in tune with your staff through creating positive work environments

Having a positive work environment makes all the difference in job performance and satisfaction. Incorporating a more optimistic approach will help you connect with your staff and foster trusting work relationships. In this workshop, we will define what positive work environments look like, how to use effective communications, set expectations and needs, and build teamwork. You will learn effective listening skills, discuss the elements needed to build trust, and explore new ways to recognize staff. The main takeaways are to determine the positive elements needed in your workplace and apply effective listening skills in your communication with staff. 


Coming of Age: Creating New Work Frontiers After 50

People over 50 have a wealth of work and life experience to bring to a job including: high motivation, loyalty, experience and wisdom. However, in looking to re-enter the workplace or start your own business you need to know what it takes to thrive in today’s business environment. In this workshop Patricia will offer 50+ individuals training that confronts myths about older workers, and empowers them to use their knowledge, expertise, and skills to become business owners and job creators. This workshop will help you to: identify your strengths, explore new options, create a planning concept, and work with others to share ideas and get new ones.


Getting Positive Results in Challenging Times

Patricia Raskin will tell you how to define and use the components of positive living in your work to attract and maintain clients. You will learn how to ~attract clients by being authentic~ use the power of the positive perspective, ~ heighten your awareness to achieve balance in your life ~ seven principles for positive living ~strengthen and use your internal resources to adjust to life’s changes and challenges.


7 Principles for Positive Living

Positive Living is a choice, not a birthright. We have the opportunity to create positive experiences in our lives while working through life’s challenges. In Patricia’s keynote talks, she draws from experts in her media programs, inspirational stories and her own life to introduce seven principles for positive living which will inspire you to honor your heritage, enjoy the precious present, use your imperfections to perfect your life, uncover your own innate abilities and talents, surround yourself with positives, respect, nurture and protect your relationships, and see miracles every day.


Positive Aging

Results of recent studies have found that there’s value to focusing on positive psychological factors, like optimism, as possible new ways of promoting longevity and healthy aging. In this presentation, we will explore ways to live better longer. Topics explored are the importance of self-care, having a strong support network, retraining your brain, being a lifelong learner and having daily rituals.The session also will include practical tips for healthy aging.



David M. Bodah, MBA, CFRE, CAE Executive Director, RIALA Rhode Island Assisted Living Association, East Providence RI
“I recently attended a session presented by Patricia Raskin on conflict management styles. Her presentation was full of great content and examples that were relevant to my industry. She presented with a great deal of enthusiasm and got all the people in the room involved. I would recommend her highly for your conference or team meetings.”
Shivani Munjal, President, Provital Senior Placement & Home Care, Burlington, MA

“During a recent conference, I attended one of Patricia’s Corporate Training seminars on Conflict Management.  Her passion and expertise on the subject were evident from the get-go.  She took us through her framework, consisting of five different conflict management styles and provided concrete examples that all of us in the assisted living industry can relate to.  She had a unique ability to engage with the audience through a lively discussion and encouraged everyone to self-assess themselves in various situations.  I left feeling more equipped to navigate and resolve conflicts, both personally and professionally.  Patricia’s delivery of the topic was powerful and dynamic.  I highly recommend Patricia’s Corporate Training seminars for anyone serving in the senior care community where effective conflict resolution is a crucial skill.”

Richard Gamache, CEO Aldersbridge Community, East Providence RI

“I highly endorse Patricia Raskin as a presenter and facilitator for education programs for any leadership team. We have begun working with Patricia in the last few months, and I can see results already. The most recent program that she brought to us focused on stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. In an hour, Patricia was able to connect with the leadership team, bringing insights and solutions that were easily implemented into our busy schedules. The group came into the program feeling overwhelmed by the pressures we all face, and left a short time later feeling rejuvenated and hopeful, with a plan. Patricia accomplishes more in one hour than most corporate retreats do in two days.”  

Tameryn Campbell, President & CEO, Masonic Health System, Inc. / The Overlook, Charlton, MA

“I had the pleasure of hearing Patricia Raskin present during the May 2023 New England Alliance for Long Term Care professionals.  With increased confrontation and less civil and tolerant interactions with one another, further exacerbated by the uncertainty, angst and isolation stemming from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pat’s focus on Challenging Behaviors & Difficult Conversations was spot on. Her message touched me and helped provide valuable strategies, tools and confidence to take action and achieve greater harmony &  resolution, with individuals & discussions I had previously resisted.”

Keynote Talks


Patricia Raskin presents motivational and key-note talks for corporations, healthcare institutions, colleges,non-profit organizations and service organizations.


Her message is how we can reach our goals by working through obstacles and transforming them into opportunities by reframing our thinking, changing our behavior, adapting healthy lifestyles and having a support system. Having been through several transitions as a pioneering and entrepreneurial broadcaster and having interviewed over 5,000 guest experts and celebrities, Patricia lives her message.


Joseph T. Barwick, Ph.D. President Carteret Community College

“I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your taking the time to be with us at graduation.  Your speech was an enormous hit, not only to the several hundred graduates, but to the almost one thousand family and friends in attendance.

Throughout the reception, I continued to receive positive comments about the substance of your talk. Your focus on “Positive Living” was exactly on target for this group, and although your were intellectually stimulating, your delivery had a warmth and sparkle that reached everyone. Graduation is a time for people to move from one phase of life to another. I can think of no better words for them to carry forward than yours.  Thank you for giving us this time.”

Janet A. Warren, Business Enterprise Division, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

“Talk about rising to the occasion:…The evaluations and comments reflected this: ‘met all expectations’, ‘finally, ideas I can put to use tomorrow’…I have to tell you that the portion of the workshop where you, with input from the group, answered the attendees questions about their specific marketing needs was one of the most practical, useful, exciting sessions I have ever attended! You have a program worth sharing.”

White Watkins, VP Public Affairs, America Furniture Manufacturers Association

“I had several excellent comments made about your presentation. A couple of people mentioned to me that they wished it has been longer because people were just beginning to get into the process. That is a real compliment.”