If at First You Don’t Succeed….

The quote, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again,” is so very true. We stop short of our goals and dreams when we put limits on our efforts and missed opportunities.

Things change. Management changes, people change, company goals change, and attitudes change. No truism is more accurate in life than the one we’ve heard more than once; “never say never.” Although these quotes may sound canned and shallow, there is wisdom beneath the words.

Stories are endless of famous people who reached their goal after many tries and many rejections. Something in them stayed the course because they believed in what they were doing with all their heart and soul.

So how do you keep the dream alive and your goals focused when what you try is not working? For me, it is keeping the vision in my mind and heart – and taking breaks. Breaks and pauses do not mean stopping. It means taking a “time out” to refuel and find new ways of approaching your goals.

I have found that when I keep my dream alive and go on with my life, something will appear in front of me when I am not actively trying to make it happen. Another common phrase that also rings true is “things happen when you least expect them” which means expect the unexpected!

The fuel that keeps me going is to be grateful for what I have now, count my blessings, keep my dreams alive on a daily basis, look for beauty and focus on the positive.

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