Breath – Vitality of Life

We know that a breath is a vital sign of life and that its job is to supply energy to the bloodstream. Breathing is studied by singers, musicians, artists, yogis. The importance of the breath in our day-to-day lives is often underestimated. The oxygen that the breath brings to our lungs is our life force.

When we concentrate on our breathing, we are focusing our mind. Breath can be a powerful tool in dealing with confrontation. When we are asked uncomfortable questions, or bombarded with information, we can simply stop and breathe deeply. By consciously inhaling a large supply of oxygen, our body pauses to absorb it.

A simple breathing exercise as a stress reducer is to take in a large breath to a count of three, hold it for another count of three, and then release it to a count of three. Laughter is also a “tool to good living.” Laughter stimulates deep breathing as well as strengthens the immune system and massages our internal organs.

Breathing is so simple and yet to breathe deeply and fully with great focus can do so much for us. It helps us to stay healthy, stay focused, heal, and regroup before we react. It energizes and invigorates us.

Anything we can do to use our breath fully will add joy, years, and vitality to our lives. Walking, running, yoga, dancing, singing, and meditation are among the physical activities that strengthen our breath. In my view, shallow breathing promotes shallow living. Deep and full breathing promotes deep and full living. Think about it?

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