Perfect Is as Perfect Does

We are bombarded with images of what perfect is – perfect bodies, perfect houses, perfect jobs, perfect looks… all leading to perfect lives. At least that is what we are led to believe. RIGHT?

It looks like “those people,” whoever they are, have it all. Maybe some people do. It all looks so good from the outside. But those perfect exteriors can be a “front” for unfulfilled lives.

I have friends who have had a long term marriage, are physically attractive, financially successful, recognized as community leaders, have accomplished children, lead orderly lives filled with family and travel. Yet, a deeper look tells me that what is missing is true honest connection and joy.

I have another set of friends with many of the same attributes of the friends just described, without the polished look. Their home is filled with people and laughter and total engagement. I may eat on a paper plate or have my food served from the baking dish, step over the box in the hallway, or sit on the not-so- comfortable couch, but the love and generosity in these people’s hearts overflows.

We are all imperfect. But it is when we are grateful for what we have with open hearts, our lives take on their own unique perfection.

Perfect is as perfect does.

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