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She’s got good news, and good news
Newport This Week
December 26, 2008
by Tom Shevlin

NEWPORT — Facing the prospects of a long winter and a dismal economy, it may seem hard to focus on life’s blessings. But with the New Year upon us, one local radio talk show host says now may be the perfect time to focus on the positives. Meet Patricia Raskin, a recent Newport transplant and a beacon on positive thinking.

Newport This WeekRadio host Patricia Raskin at her home in Newport, where she broadcasts. Her call-in show focuses on topics relating to “positive living” and overcoming obstacles.

Ms. Raskin, who has been hosting and producing positive media programs for more than 25 years, bucks the trend of negativism on talk radio, choosing instead to focus on positive solutions for everyday problems.

Broadcasting Sundays on WPRO (630 AM) and WEAN (99.7 FM), and Mondays over the Internet on leading online talk stations and, Ms. Raskin has established herself as an expert on positive living and a pioneer of alternative media.

Her show, Positive Living, is at the forefront of a growing $12 billion industry, and her voice is one of the nation’s most recognizable.

A former Massachusetts school guidance counselor, Ms. Raskin began her unlikely foray into positive living media with a cable access show based out of Rockport, Mass. in 1982. Since then, she has produced more than 700 TV shows and 800 radio shows; written more than 200 newspaper columns; and authored two books with another on the way.

And although she has made a name for herself on the same media known mostly for its conservative-leaning political talk shows, she is anything but a typical talk host.

“I think the main thing we have to look at is gratitude,” she says with a smile. “We need to reframe our thinking…To begin to look at how we can make obstacles into opportunities.”

That is something Ms. Raskin has been preaching for years, and is a message that in today’s climate is resonating with audiences.

“People are looking for a positive message and a positive vibe,” said Paul Giamarco, WPRO’s program director. “She’s got that spark, that passion and intelligence,” he said. “She’s on a mission; a mission to change people’s lives. And we sure could use a lot more of that these days.”

Since taking over the Sunday morning time slot, Ms. Raskin has seen her program audience double and in some cases triple, according to Mr. Giamarco.

Citing a lineup that frequently features celebrity guests, Mr. Giamarco said Ms. Raskin’s show offers its audience a unique glimpse into the lives of people who outwardly appear to have it all.

“Having people like Jane Seymour on talking about how they’ve overcome obstacles shows people that they’re not alone,” he said.

And teaching people how to find even the most elusive silver linings is a specialty of Ms. Raskin. However, neither is she taking her lessons from Candide; all may not be for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

“We don’t talk about life through rose-colored glasses,” she says. Instead, she believes people should stand up against what they do not believe is right, and frequently offers up advice dealing with hard realities, from finance to personal relationships.

A student as well as a teacher, she has immersed herself in positive-living teachings for over 25 years.

Part motivational speaker, part life coach, Ms. Raskin is an expert on positivity. Her seven keys to positive living are to honor your heritage, live in the present, use your imperfections to perfect your life, honor your talents, nurture your relationships, see miracles in everyday life, and of course, focus on the positives.

Looking toward the holidays, this year, she said, even the smallest of gestures might be the greatest gift.

“That one ounce of kindness goes such a long way,” she said.

But don’t bother with a New Year’s resolution – she doesn’t believe in them.

Instead, she says people should look at the essence rather than the form.

“Rather than say ‘I’m going to lose 10 lbs. by Jan. 30,’ do something with your life to be healthier,” she said.

Listeners hoping to turn a new leaf in the new year can tune in to Positive Living from noon to 1 p.m. on WPRO or twice on Mondays from 11 a.m. to noon on, or 2 to 3 p.m. on

Positive thinking

Patricia Raskin’s seven keys to positive living:

* Honor your heritage

* Live in the present

* Use your imperfections to perfect your life

* Honor your talents

* Nurture your relationships

* See miracles in everyday life

* Focus on the positives

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