Spring Forward with Spring Cleaning

The saying goes that the car you drive tells a lot about you. I think that is also true of your home. You may not be the in the home of your dreams, but where you select to live and what you select to be in your home, certainly speaks to your choices and values.

Whether you home is filled with antiques,beach collections, or modern art, contemporary furniture or Victorian sofas, bright vibrant colors or rich dark colors, it tells your story. When you make your choices you share who you are. If you have things that do not reflect you or are making you unhappy or uneasy looking at them, it’s time to make a change. Your choices change as you grow and change. What you loved and used years ago, may not be the case today.

Spring comes in the month of March and this is a good time to begin spring cleaning. If you are surrounded by things that no longer work for you, give them to someone who would love and appreciate them. When have special pieces from family that don’t fit in your home or hold a negative memory, you can give them to another family
member and literally, keep them in the family. We may want to keep items that do not fit your décor but have special meaning. Choose a special area for these items where you can see them easily, because their memories bring you comfort and joy. When you keep what you love and surround yourself with things that have loving memories, I believe that it brings more love into your life.

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