Katharine White & Amber Clark

Katharine White, Managing Partner of AdvoGeneX and Amber Clark, AdvoGeneX Advisor and Brown University Medical Student. The issue of sports concussions has recently created media frenzy, mostly due to the high profile deaths and dementias of professional football & hockey stars, and resulting research, spawned by these events. Katharine White will describe the AdvoGeneX approach which provides an unprecedented prevention and consequence-avoidance solution for both concussions and sub-concussive blows. As advisor to AdvoGeneX, Amber Clark highlights the significance of such approaches, particularly as it relates to her platform on addressing health disparities among minorities. AdvoGeneX is a patented well-being system which optimizes conditions for brain and body cell functioning, preservation and growth….comprised of the Best-12 Wellness Practices and a 10 Point Activation Science to sustain success.

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