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Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is an American psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist, director of the Amen Clinics, and a ten-times New York Times bestselling author. Dr. Amen has written, produced, and hosted nine popular shows about he brain that have aired over 70,000 times across America. He will discuss how to fight age related memory problems, prevent Alzheimer’s, and how to improve your brain’s health through his new book, Memory Rescue.

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Dr. Maya Angelou

Listen to Maya Angelou on Patricia Raskin Positive Living on Sunday May 8 – 12:00-12:30PM ET on 630WPRO AM & 99.7 FM and streamed live on www.630wpro.com. Join nationally recognized multi-media radio talk show host and award winning producer Patricia Raskin, as she interviews Dr. Maya Angelou, a remarkable Renaissance woman who is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature. As a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and director, she continues to travel the world, spreading her legendary wisdom. Within the rhythm of her poetry and elegance of her prose lies Angelou’s unique power to help readers of every orientation span the lines of race and Angelou captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of her words and lyrics. She will discuss her newest book, Great Food, All Day Long, an essential reference for everyone who wants to eat better and smarter-and a delightful peek into the kitchen and the heart of a remarkable woman.

Richard Bach

Tune in as Patricia interviews legendary author, Richard Bach. Author of the best-selling Jonathan Livingston Seagull a novella about a seagull learning about life and flight, and a homily about self-perfection. Richard is one of Patricia’s favorite authors, drawing from his book, Illusions, as a source of inspiration for her work. Richard will discuss his philosophies, life, and many books.

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Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner, is a National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author. He has discovered the five places in the world – dubbed “Blue Zones” – where people live the longest and are healthiest. He travels the world seeking out new Blue Zones and speaks at seminars and television shows such as Ted Talks, The Today Show and Good Morning America. He will discuss the locations and habits that lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Jack Canfield

Tune in when Patricia interviews Jack Canfield, when he discusses his book and shares stories from You’ve GOT to Read This Book!: 55 People Tell the Story of the Book That Changed Their Life. Jack Canfield, cocreator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, and self-actualization pioneer Gay Hendricks have invited notable people to share personal stories of books that changed their lives. The contributors include Stephen Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, John Gray, Bernie Siegel and Lou Holtz. Canfield is America’s leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators. Over the last 30 years, his compelling message, empowering energy and personable coaching style has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve their dreams. Affectionately known as “America’s #1 Success Coach,” Jack has studied and reported on what makes successful people different. His proven formula for success reached global acclaim with his most recent National Bestseller, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

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Linda Evans

Join nationally recognized multi-media radio talk show host and award winning producer Patricia Raskin, as she interviews Linda Evans, a Golden Globe award-winning actress who has personified beauty and grace on screen and stage, from her role as Audra Barkley on “The Big Valley,” to the glamorous Krystle Carrington on “Dynasty,” winning the “Hell’s Kitchen” competition working under Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White, and starring on Broadway in “Legends.” She has won five People’s Choice Awards for Best Female Performer, was nominated for an Emmy, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She will discuss her second book, RECIPES FOR LIFE: My Memories.

Arielle Ford

Tune in as Patricia interviews Arielle Ford, author of seven books, including the international best-selling The Soulmate Secret: How To Manifest The Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction. She will discuss how to overcome five common blocks that keep people from finding and keeping love and how finding true love is possible for anyone at any age. She will also share her Soulmate Quiz.

Debbie Ford

The shadow exists within all of us! Tune in as Patricia interviews Debbie Ford author of the book The Shadow Effect. Debbie joined together with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson to share their knowledge on one of the most crucial obstacles to happiness we face—the shadow. The Shadow Effect is a practical and profound guide to discovering the gifts of our shadow.

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Michael Gelb

Tune in when Patricia interviews Michael J. Gelb, internationally renowned author, speaker, and consultant who helps individuals and organizations worldwide find innovative solutions to their most important challenges. His newest book Brain Power: Improve Your Mind As You Age, explains in clear and accessible terms, the research-validated, practical things that you can do, or stop doing, to improve your mind every year of your life. The book is based on the confluence of timeless wisdom, practical experience, and the latest research. Contemporary science has established that you can improve your mind as you age, and Michael will discuss the ways that you can begin that process of improvement now.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Interview with Doris Kearns Goodwin, a world-renowned presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, for President’s Day.

Elliott Gould

Tune in when Patricia interviews Academy Award® and Golden Globe nominee Elliott Gould about his co-starring role in 2010 in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Uncorked, a romantic comedy about finding a passion that isn’t a paycheck. Elliott plays Paul Browning, owner of the winery where this story takes place. Currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, Gould has appeared in over 100 films including “M*A*S*H,” “Ocean’s” movie series. Patricia also interviews producer of Uncorked, Jim Wilberger.

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Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray is the best selling relationship author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus series. John’s newest book is titled, Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory And Brain Performance. John has devoted the past 20 years to researching mental health and its effect on our relationships. He has reviewed thousands of medical studies and traveled the world to find ancient remedies for improving one’s mind, mood and focus. Staying Focused In A Hyper World shares these findings and offers practical strategies for increasing focus, clarity, memory, motivation and sustaining positive moods.

Staying Focused in a Hyper World

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Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway joins Patricia on Monday November 2 at noon ET. Author and actress Mariel Hemingway made her debut at just 13 years old. She earned an Oscar nomination in just four years, and since then she has made 30 films and numerous television appearances. Mariel is also a yoga instructor and one of the leading voices in holistic and balanced health and well-being. Mariel discusses her new book, Mariel’s Kitchen.

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Tune in when Patricia interviews Mariel Hemingway, Renaissance woman, who is an iconic Academy Award nominated actor from a celebrated family, prolific author, healthy lifestyle brand entrepreneur, and a tireless mental health awareness and suicide prevention program advocate. Mariel discusses her book Mariel’s Kitchen: Simple Ingredients for a Delicious and Satisfying Life. Which includes seventy-five sensational recipes that can be mastered by anyone, regardless of cooking experience. She discusses why and how to eat well, disease prevention through food, how to cook nutritious and delicious meals when life is busy and how to make fresh, organic food a part of your and your family’s way of life—simple and affordable.

Gay Hendricks

Tune in as Patricia interviews Gay Hendricks, an internationally famous author, seminar leader, web entrepreneur, and filmmaker. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the national bestsellers Five Wishes, Conscious LovingConscious Living, and The Corporate Mystic. He is the founder of three organizations: the Hendricks Institute, the Foundation for Conscious Living, and the Spiritual Cinema Circle. He will discuss how to turn wished into attainable goals.

Michael Landon, Jr.

Join Patricia as she interviews Michael Landon, Jr. director of The Shunning. Three-time Emmy® and two-time Golden Globe® nominee Sherry Stringfield (“ER”) and Danielle Panabaker (“The Crazies”) star in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Beverly Lewis’ The ShunningBeverly Lewis’ The Shunning will premiere exclusively on Hallmark Channel on April 16, 2011. The movie is based on the first novel of The Heritage of Lancaster County Books from New York Times best-selling author Beverly Lewis and is the retelling of some of the heartbreaking experiences of Lewis’ maternal grandmother Ada Ranck Buckwalter. Secrets are revealed, trust and hearts broken and a community stubbornly holding on to the old ways will turn a cold shoulder to its most recalcitrant daughter.

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Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden is one of America’s most recognized and trusted television personalities. As host of Good Morning America for almost two decades, she helped millions of American families start each day. The longest running host ever on early morning television, during her tenure she reported from 26 countries, covered four presidents, five Olympics, and two royal weddings. An award-winning television journalist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of seven, Joan Lunden defines “today’s working mother.” She will discuss Camp Reveille, a special camp in Maine that she created for women.

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Tina Malia

Tune in when Patricia interviews Tina Malia, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. She has distinguished herself in styles ranging from pop to world devotional to electronic. Her own diverse and growing catalog of albums is complemented by studio and live work with iconic artists such as Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Jai Uttal, Kenny Loggins, India.Arie, Idan Raichel and Bassnectar. She will discuss her new album, “The Lost Frontier” and philosophy of offering light, kindness and joy through the music she creates, and the meaning of her songs and the positive impact of the rich spiritual tradition of Sanskrit mantra chanting, which is on several of her albums.

Lynne McTaggart

Tune in as Patricia interviews Lynne McTaggart, one of the preeminent spokespersons on consciousness, the new physics and the science of spirituality, is the award-winning journalist and author of five books, including the worldwide bestsellers The Field and The Intention Experiment. As editorial director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, she also publishes one of the world’s most highly praised health newsletters and runs highly popular health and spirituality teleconferences and workshops. Lynne is also the architect of the Intention Experiments, a web-based ‘global laboratory’, involving an international consortium of prestigious scientists and thousands of people in countries around the world testing the power of intention to heal the world. Most recently her book The Intention Experiment and its website were prominently featured in the plotline of Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster The Lost Symbol.

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author, popular public speaker, powerful coach, charismatic teacher, and an expert life and business coach. She has reached millions with her powerful message of empowerment, service, excellence and gratitude. Lisa has participated in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, and written two of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC. Lisa is currently engaged in writing a new book, No Matter What.

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Kevin O'Leary

Tune in as Patricia interviews Kevin O’Leary, one of the most successful business entrepreneurs, as well as a star on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin founded and built SoftKey (later The Learning Company), the global leader in educational kids’ software, and negotiated its sale to Mattel for $4.2 billion in 1999. Since then, he has successfully co-founded, funded, and sold numerous companies in a range of industries, including storage, entertainment, and finance. Today, Kevin is the Chairman of O’Leary Funds, a $1.7 billion mutual fund company. He is also the co-host of CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange and Discovery Channel’s Project Earth, and the host CBC’s new reality series, Kevin O’Leary’s Redemption Inc. He will discuss his new book, Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money.

Tune in when Patricia interviews Kevin O’Leary, one of the most successful business entrepreneurs, as well as a star on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and ABC’s Shark Tank. He will discuss his new book, Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money, and Life, where he reveals the secrets that made him rich and shares his personal advice for readers from every walk of life. Kevin founded and built SoftKey (later The Learning Company), the global leader in educational kids’ software, and negotiated its sale to Mattel for $4.2 billion in 1999. Since then, he has successfully co-founded, funded, and sold numerous companies in a range of industries, including storage, entertainment, and finance. Today, Kevin is the Chairman of O’Leary Funds, a $1.7 billion mutual fund company. He is also the co-host of CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange and Discovery Channel’s Project Earth, and the host CBC’s new reality series, Kevin O’Leary’s Redemption Inc.

Nick Ortner

Tune in when Patricia interviews Nick Ortner, creator and executive producer of the hit documentary film The Tapping Solution, A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. He also produces the annual worldwide online event, the Tapping World Summit, which has been attended by over 500,000 people. Ortner is a dynamic speaker, presenting breakthrough live tapping session around the world. He will discuss how this healing system has helped thousands of people heal trauma, stress, fear, chronic pain, addiction, weight control, and anxiety. How he has helped war veterans deal with PTSD and the parents and first responders of the Newtown, CT/Sandy Hook School shooting tragedy. His techniques will teach us how to improve our lives on multiple levels including mental, emotional, and physical.

Tune in as Patricia interviews Nick Ortner, the producer of “The Tapping Solution”. Nick is a “searcher”, constantly reading, exploring and experimenting with the incredible information all around that can change lives. When he found Tapping, and was startled by the results, he knew he had to find a way to get this information into the mainstream. He produced, “The Tapping Solution”, a documentary film that features 10 people overcoming enormous challenges by using EFT Tapping. The film features experts like Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joe Mercola and more. He also produced the worldwide online event, “The Tapping World Summit”, which has been attended by over 100,000 people and manages the monthly membership program, the “Tapping Insiders Club”. He has produced and coordinated other projects on health and wellness, such as David Wolfe’s “21 Days to Health” program, and is an owner and managing director of another documentary, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days”.

Lisa Oz

Join Patricia as she interviews Lisa Oz, married to Dr. Mehmet Oz for 25 years, award-winning host of “The Dr. Oz Show”. Lisa is a producer, entrepreneur, mother of four children, host of “The Lisa Oz Show” on Sirius/XM, and the coauthor of six New York Times bestselling books, including the YOU: The Owner’s Manual series. And as it turns out, she knows more than a thing or two about relationships. Now available for the first time in paperback, she will discuss US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University. He directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. His research interests include heart replacement surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, complementary medicine and healthcare policy. He has authored over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books and has received several patents.

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Tune is as Patricia interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and teaching professor and vice-chair at Columbia University, who is known for his regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show as “America’s Doctor”. Currently, Dr. Oz is the Emmy award-winning host of the nationally syndicated TV show, The Dr. Oz Show. Oz has authored six New York Times best sellers including YOU: The Owner’s Manual, YOU: The Smart Patient, YOU: On a Diet, YOU: Staying Young, YOU: Being Beautiful as well as the award winning Healing from the Heart. Time magazine ranked Oz 44th on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in 2008 and Esquire magazine placed him on its list of the 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century. Dr. Oz will discuss his home remedies and top picks.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour, is a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner and a recipient of the Office of the British Empire. She appeared on TV, most notably for Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman; in film and on stage around the world. The author of ten books, Jane will discuss her new book, The Road Ahead, sharing inspirational stories from readers around the world who’ve overcome when the “happily ever after”-isn’t. Using her three-step process of acceptance, unconditional forgiveness, and selfless acts of kindness you can take heart as you face your road ahead.  

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Tune in when Patricia interviews Jane Seymour, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, and a renaissance women, she stars in an upcoming Hallmark Channel Mystery Movie – Dear Prudence. She is the author of Remarkable Changes Turning Life’s Challenges into Opportunities, and your next book Making Yourself at Home – Finding Your Style and Putting it All Together. Jane Seymour is an acclaimed actor, painter, author, dancer, (with her recent appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!) AND her own skin care line, Natural Advantage, as well as a jewelry designer. She discusses Dear Prudence movie along with her jewelry on the show.

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Tune in when Patricia interviews Jane Seymour, Multi Emmy and Golden Globe winner and Recipient of Officer of the British Empire which was bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth 2. Jane has proven her talent in virtually all arenas from the Broadway stage to motion pictures to television. Her love of art and color has led to her great success as a painter in water colors and oils as a fashion designer and now as a jewelry designer and now we are talking about her brand new book, which is just beautiful and its called: Open Hearts.

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Tune in when Patricia interviews Jane Seymour, who is an acclaimed actress with more than 50 motion pictures and television programs to her credit. She is the author of Remarkable Changes: Turning Life’s Challenges into Opportunities. She will discuss her book, Remarkable Changes.

Tune is as Patricia interviews Jane Seymour, multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner and recipient of the Officer of the British Empire, which was bestowed on her by Queen Elizabeth II. Jane has proven her talents in virtually all arenas, from the Broadway stage to motion pictures to television. Her love of art and color has led to her great success as a painter and fashion and jewelry designer. Jane will discuss her newest book Open Hearts Family: Connecting with One Another, which is Inspired by her Healing Hearts paintings and the actress’s trademarked Open Hearts Family jewelry collection. This book celebrates both the families we were born to and the families that we make for ourselves among friends and all who touch our lives. The Open Hearts design reflects life’s joys, heartaches, and inspirations. Moving quotes, poems, real-life stories submitted by fans to the Open Hearts blog and Jane’s equally inspirational artwork come together in this book that reminds us that if we keep our hearts open love will always find its way in.

Marci Shimoff

Tune is as Patricia interviews Marci Shimoff, New York Times’ best-selling author of ‘Happy For No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out‘. She will discuss her new book, ‘Love for No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love‘, a groundbreaking, practical, and heart-opening book on how to create, experience, and sustain a life filled with love – the kind of love that isn’t dependent on another person, situation, or romantic partner, but comes from within and lasts.

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Dr. Bernie Siegel

Tune in when Patricia interviews Dr. Bernie Siegel, author and co-founder of ECaP-Exceptional Cancer Patients, a therapeutic approach Bernie calls Carefrontation that helps patients interpret their drawings, dreams and images to express their feelings about the healing process. As a physician who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our Society grapples with today. In May 2011, Bernie was honored as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet. He continues to break new ground in the field of healing, supporting changes in medical education to “humanize” medical practice. He will discuss his new book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. This long-awaited follow-up to his bestseller Love, Medicine & Miracles updates Dr. Siegel’s insights into the healing power of drawing, dreams, and intuition. The use of drawing in Bernie’s practice has helped patients discover the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of healing and guided them toward the best choices and options for their particular situation.

Nicholas Sparks

Patricia welcomes Nicholas Sparks, one of the world’s most beloved storytellers with eight #1 New York Times bestsellers and four of them adapted into major motion pictures, he will discuss his newest novel The Last Song.

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Katherine Woodward Thomas

Tune in as Patricia interviews Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., M.F.T is a Los Angeles based licensed psychotherapist and author, who has been facilitating seminars for more than a decade. She will discuss her new book, titled Calling in The One: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, which is based on her seven-week program using the law of attraction.

Dr. Andrew Weil

Join Patricia as she interviews Dr. Andrew Weil, MD. Deemed “the father of integrative medicine” by Dr. Mehmet Oz and named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2006, Dr. Andrew Weil has hugely transformed the practices of modern American medicine. In his newest book, SPONTANEOUS HAPPINESS, Dr. Weil draws on carefully researched and science-based facts and his own personal experience to examine the world’s fastest-growing epidemic: depression. Dr. Weil, who has himself struggled with moderate depression through midlife, investigates what people can do outside of traditional medicine to start feeling more content, and how we can sustain this contentment through life’s inevitable dark patches.

Marianne Williamson

Tune in when Patricia interviews Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed author and lecture. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times best-sellers including A Return to Love, The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America and The Gift of Change. In December 2006, a Newsweek magazine poll named Marianne Williamson one of the 50 most influential baby boomers. She will discuss her newest book, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles.