Pat Baccili and Janine Sullivan

WPRO MAY 1 1:00 PM

Tune in when Patricia interviews Dr. Pat Baccili, inspirational sought-after radio host, consultant, speaker, and Life, Career, and Executive Coach, who captures the hearts, minds, and souls of people who dare to tap into the world of unlimited possibilities. She is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. In her various roles in the human potential field, Pat has helped thousands of people dramatically change both their professional and personal lives.  

Joining her is Janine Ouellette Sullivan, owner of Journey du Jour Enterprises in Somerset, MA, was 1 of 7 recipients in Dr. Pat’s 2010 Holistic Makeover Contest. As part of the contest, Janine developed and implemented a pay it forward project. During this six month process Janine stocked 5 soup kitchens, assisted at a women’s shelter, supplied an animal shelter, provided brunch to area Veterans and distributed back packs with supplies to the homeless. She also developed the first of its kind in her region women’s series, What Women Want.

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