Coping When Our Loved Ones’ Visits End

The summer offers such a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends who are visiting. There is so much to do; going to the beach, taking day trips to nearby places, going out to eat, having cookouts and parties, meeting new people, and just enjoying the warmth of the summer sun and beauty of the area here.

Now in September as fall is about to technically begin, and back to school calls,  the flurry of company ends. We are left with wonderful memories of those special people we miss and a void after their departure. Ofcourse we are grateful for the times with those we love and we think about them and the times we share.

We also have to deal with the loss. We don’t talk about that much because we really aren’t supposed to “mourn” those folks who are visiting and who we know will come back. But if we are really honest with ourselves, there is a yearning and pain in looking around our homes and yards and beaches and not seeing our children, friends and relatives there. And that’s OK.

It’s OK to miss them and feel sad and lonely. And it’s OK to want them back and wish they were still here. It’s all part of caring, loving, nurturing and being human. It is not enjoyable to have those feelings of longing – and we all have them at some time in our lives or everytime our children and grandchildren, significant others, spouses, and close friends have to leave.

There is no magic pill or cure for this. We can numb the feelings, but they come back again and again until we accept them and know that we are fully alive and in touch with our feelings. The joy comes from knowing that those loved ones will stay in touch and be back again.

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