The Art of Pampering Ourselves

Pampering is an art and is often interpreted as an indulgence. Pampering takes many forms, but in its highest form, is an expression of self-love and nurturing. In order to give our best to others in our personal and professional lives, we have to take care of ourselves.

When we are harried, tired, depressed, disorganized, or distracted, we can not give our best or give much at all. I think that pampering has gotten a bad wrap. People think when we pamper ourselves, we are being self-indulgent, selfish, spoiled and excessive. I see it quite differently.

There are so many ways to pamper ourselves. A body treatment or facial in a luxury spa, fine dining and luxury cruises are on the high end of pampering. But pampering can be luxuriating in the simple beauty of our environment. Hot baths with bubbles and salts, long walks in nature, sitting on the beach with a cold drink and a good book, watching a feel-good movie on the couch with a blanket, taking ourselves out to dinner when others are not available, creating a gourmet meal for ourselves and eating it on fine china, are low-cost, no-cost forms of pampering that have the same purpose.

All of these things help us to restore and rejuvenate. They “fill up our cup,” so we can share what’s “in our glass.” I say we should pamper ourselves so that we can happily give ourselves to others and see our glass as more than “half-filled.”

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