What Neighbors Really Mean

If we believe in the concept of “six degrees of separation” that we are all connected. Those coincidences, serendipities, and chance happenings that come when we really need them are part of the connectedness we share.
I have been fortunate to meet such great people, get information I have needed just at the right time, been given something I really wanted when I didn’t “look” for it. These things happen to us and when we stay open to possibilities, great things can happen.

Neighbors are part of this picture. Neighbors are part of our “extended family.” I’ve heard so many stories from folks in who grew up in the towns they currently live and talk about the way it was in the “good ole’ days.” They could go into a neighbor’s house, borrow a cup of sugar and write a note that they borrowed it. They played together, ate together and told stories on their porches. They were always welcome in their neighbor’s homes and they all watched out for each other.

How we treat and interact with our neighbors makes a difference in our lives – positively and negatively. Our neighbors can be there to listen, help us in a pinch, take us to the airport, give us a ride when our car breaks down, and give us a meal when we are too tired to cook. Neighbors are like gold.

When I can call my neighbor and friends and feel enough trust to openly share how I feel,
I feel I have been given a great gift. There are many wonderful connections and we can be part of this. A friend of mine wrote me this recently, “My father told me one time, after many, many years of therapy and counseling, the one who helped him the most, wasn’t the smartest or most educated. It was simply the person who listened to him with care. It helped him more than anything.” Neighbors can be that for us.

The words we use and actions we take really set the course for how we will relate to our neighbors and friends. Taking the time to listen to our neighbors stories, share the joy and sadness of their lives, and just being available is so enriching. It’s these heart to heart connections that fill us up and bring us joy.

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