How To Change Our ‘Self-Talk’

We all have intuition which can guide us when we listen. But we also have those old voices that give us messages that do not serve us anymore and in fact, hinder our progress. These are the voices that say, “You won’t get that, the money won’t come in, this person will not hear me, or my body can’t heal.” These are the fearful inner voices that temporarily overtake our positive movement.
These voices start screaming when we do not actually see what we want and know is ours.
So when the money is not here now, the job is not getting better and we can not physically see other options, or the right relationship is not in our physical sight, we get scared that we won’t get what we know in our hearts is right for us.

This is where evaluation comes come. What helps is a reality check. Are we doing the right things to get to our goal? What are positive signs that our goal is near? We need to find evidence. It can be an assessment of what we have done and how far we have come. It can be validation from someone who knows our situation. It can be re-evaluating our strengths.

The important piece here is not lose faith. We need to see and know what is working right in front of us and we need to validate ourselves. We may need a course correction which we can take once we see what changes need to be made.

If we fight with the old negative and fearful or failure picture, it gets bigger. It’s like someone saying, “Don’t think about the color orange.” The saying that fits this is “What we resist, persists.” So we don’t want to fight with the fears, because we don’t want to give them power over us.

Living in the now helps. Enjoying and focusing on the moment helps to keep our momentum going. Every day if we recall what we did that day and focus on what worked, we will be propelled and attracted to find more of what works for us.

Any successful step we take in the process is often all we need to know that our images and prayers are working. We are never alone. Positive guidance is always available to us. We just have to be open to it and listen.

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