Donald Van de Mark

WPRO MAY 15 12:30PM  

Tune in as Patricia interviews Donald Van de Mark, former CNN anchor and CNBC correspondent as well as executive producer and host of the public broadcasting TV series “Great Entrepreneurs” and “Great Leaders”, is an expert on success. For more than 20 years, he interviewed many of the world’s most prominent achievers–the politically powerful, rich, and celebrated.  What he discovered is that while all of them were successful, not all were exemplary human beings.  
He will discuss his new book, THE GOOD AMONG THE GREAT, where  among the mega-successful, there is an elusive subset, the good among the great. Van de Mark identifies and describes this minority, a group who are surprisingly aware, egalitarian, dutiful and happy.  Their associates and staffs love them; their competitors respect them, their success endures. These people care deeply about others and regularly use their positions to help their larger communities.

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