Sara Elizabeth Timmins


sara_elizabeth_timminsTune is as Patricia interviews Sara Elizabeth Timmins, Producer/Creative Director at Life Out Loud Films, which strives to produce films that inspire and are a catalyst for positive change.  The company presents strong female characters while also making a positive impact behind the scenes through the communities, people and businesses with which they work, supporting local economic development and tourism.  The power of this idea became dramatically clear as Life Out Loud Productions embarked on Lake Effects, inspired by Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  Sara Elizabeth will discuss her film, “Lake Effects”, (which premieres on the Hallmark Movie Channel on May 19), how the film was met at every step with overwhelming support and excitement,  the tremendous community involvement showcasing the talents of local artists, the unique nature and beauty of the lake itself, and highlights of the exceptional community.

Patricia Raskin | Sara Elizabeth Timmins | Sara_Elizabeth_Timmins_03_04_2012.MP3

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