Brad Meltzer

Tune is as Patricia interviews Brad Meltzer, New York Times best-selling author and host of History Channel’s Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. He will discuss his new book, HEROES FOR MY DAUGHTER, the sister book of his bestselling Heroes for My Son, a collections of fifty-five profiles of inspiring people whose virtues and talents have made them great role models for a new generation of girls. Meltzer was moved to write these books now, rather than waiting until his children are older, after his mother (one of the heroes in the book) lost a brave battle with breast cancer. He lost his father and grandmother as well, underscoring how precious time is. So he looked to the world for women and some men who, like his mother, could serve as ideals for his daughter. As on his television program, Decoded, which uncovers hidden truths about history, he also finds unexpected and inspiring facts, which he will share with listeners.

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