Speaking Testimonials

“Patricia, Thank You!  I really did enjoy your presentation to Advertising, Marketing and PR of Rhode Island. This is the second time you have done a presentation for AMP-RI and we were so pleased to have you return.  Your two transition studies were excellent.  I know that the open format was a little different but it really worked well with the group and their interaction also provided some interesting feedback. We had a great audience with lots of Q & A after.  I think that everyone came away with an appreciation of what you can do as a transition coach.  You have the knowledge and expertise to help your client look within themselves for answers.  I think you left us all with positive thoughts and a new approach to dealing with change in our lives. It was truly an informative and fun evening.”
Joyce Pucino, President, Pucino Print Consultants

“We had the pleasure of having Patricia join us for our annual Director’s retreat in January, 2014 to give a presentation about Stress Relief, Burnout Prevention and How to Deal with Difficult People.  Her presentation was enlightening, engaging, interactive and most important of all – fun!  Patricia is a pleasure to work with and the information she shared will certainly help our team improve the way they take care of themselves and manage the stressors in their lives, which in turn will help them take better care of their staff AND our customers – a win, win, win!  Thank you Patricia!”
Maggie Teller, Vice President of Human Resources, Director of Corporate Development, The Children’s Workshop, Inc

“Congregation Beth David cannot thank you enough for speaking to us for our Kaddish for Six Million Memorial Day.  You were truly what “they” say you are: Inspirational, Motivational, and Eloquent.

The stories you shared with us were miraculous. Thank you for following the mission of spreading the word regarding the inhumanity of the history and time that sparks the heroism, determination, intelligence of so many who would not be defeated without a fight. Your presence, your aura, your sincerity in the sharing of these stories gave to 30 people in the audience much to think about, and much to springboard toward in conversation following your presentation….Though we did not fill the room, I can assure you, that what you said to us, has insured with others that were not there, and thus the benefit of what we learned that day with you, has spread beyond the four walls of that room.

Thank you again, and may you continue ‘to be the media maven of positive messaging.'”
Shelley Parness, Corresponding Secretary, Congregation Beth David, Narragansett, RI

“Through her ‘Positive Living’ radio show, Patricia interviews the “best of the best” motivational, spiritual, health, and self-improvement experts. As a result, a lot has rubbed off from those interviews to produce a “best of the best” expert in positive living.”
Fred Greene, MBA, CPCU, Chairman, Chief Executive Officers’ Club of Boston

“Ms. Raskin demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and presented her presentation to our members in a clear and informative format.  Also, our members enjoyed hearing some of her personal stories she shared with us too.  I found Ms. Raskin to be friendly and professional at all times and a delight to work with from start to finish. I would recommend her without hesitation.  Our October 27th meeting was a huge success, and I would gladly welcome her services for future events.
Celina Kesack, IAAP Providence Chapter President

“Patricia Raskin is a one-woman powerhouse. She inspires her audience to turn obstacles into opportunities.  She uplifted and inspired everyone present with her powerful presence.”
Melissa Zollos, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money

“Your message was a majesty of hope and you “played your instrument” like a finely tuned violin with no props and no podium. You are a heart and mind grabber and you wowed the crowd with your inspiring words, immense credibility, ultimate empathy and body language – you were spellbinding!!!”
Jay Burzon, CEO/COO Coachsultantcy

“Patricia was a captivating and inspirational speaker. She gave us specific tools crucial to getting our message out to the public through radio and television, and engaged and energized the audience.”
Robyn Hartman, Chapter Leader of the New York City Women’s Wellness Society

“I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your taking the time to be with us at graduation. Your speech was a enormous hit, not only to the several hundred graduates, but to the almost one thousand family and friends in attendance.

Throughout the reception, I continued to receive positive comments about the substance of your talk. Your focus on ‘Positive Living’ was exactly on target for this group, and although you were intellectually stimulating, your delivery had a warmth and sparkle that reached everyone.

Graduation is a time for people to move from one phase of life to another. I can think of no better words for them to carry forward than yours. Thank you for giving us this time.”

Joseph T. Barwick, Ph.D. President, Carteret Community College

“Talk about rising to the occasion:…The evaluations and comments reflected this: ‘met all expectations’, ‘finally, ideas I can put to use tomorrow’…I have to tell you that the portion of the workshop where you, with input from the group, answered the attendees questions about their specific marketing needs was one of the most practical, useful, exciting sessions I have ever attended! You have a program worth sharing.”

Janet A. Warren, Business Enterprise Division, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

“I had several excellent comments made about your presentation. A couple of people mentioned to me that they wished it had been longer because people were just beginning to get into the process. That is a real compliment.” 

White Watkins, VP Public Affairs, America Furniture Manufacturers Association


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