Keeping Love When You Lose the One You Love

For many, Valentine’s Day will be a day of flowers, beautiful cards, romantic gifts, and special words. For others, the day will not be as cheerful and bright. Life’s circumstances of divorce, separation, the death of a loved one or another “love” challenge will cause pain and feelings of loss on this favorite February holiday.

But as the saying goes, “love makes the world go ’round” which lets us know that new love will circle back to us. Love is one of the best parts of the human condition and makes life worth living. Love can heal…bring joy…motivate us…and bring grief into our lives, as well. It knows no gender, status or race. When it is erased in our lives – for whatever reason – we are left with memories and moments; some treasured and some we wish away. The power of love knows no boundaries and has no equal.

When love is turned to anger or bitterness, our hearts, minds and bodies become hardened. I’m not advising to hide this anger or pain; on the contrary, it is important to express these feelings in order to free one’s self of the negative and concentrate on the positive! Sure, let the tears flows so you can wipe the slate clean and re-create love anew.

I truly believe in love. Love brings hope and hope drives opportunity for the future. A quote by Thoreau sums it up, “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” So make a vow to love more this Valentine’s Day…and while you’re at it, wish yourself and your former loved ones all the best! Then raise a glass, toast to a positive future, and buy yourself some roses!

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