Creating Work Life Balance

Here’s the scenario: It’s been a tough day at work with lots of demands from colleagues, clients, and customers, most of which remain unmet by the end of the day. You come home exhausted, frustrated, and cranky. You are met by your family excited to see you and want to talk to you. You are “spent” and burned-out. What to do?

Here’s some steps to consider to create balance in your work and home life so that you can enjoy both:

  • take a 15 minute time out – to decompress and re-enter your home life
  • allow a transition time at home to discuss work-related concerns followed by an equal amount of time for the family to air their issues
  • make yourself a priority and schedule self-care
  • set boundaries – learn to “say no” in spite of the guilt it brings
  • create your work life to do what you like to do
  • prioritize your top interests
  • schedule family activities and schedule time together
  • create mini-vacations
  • “date” as a couple without discussing work issues
  • set reasonable expectations
  • get help with the things you don’t like to do
  • surround yourself with people who support your goals

These simple suggestions take time to implement but are very effective in bringing work life balance and enjoyment back into your life. The key words here are self-awareness, self-care, connection, expectations and creating the time to have it all!

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