The Risk and Rewards of Change

After 15 years of life on the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina, I have been back in New England for one year. I left the place I loved for two reasons; to be nearer my family and for professional opportunities.

I left balmy shores for cold and icy weather and old friends to meet new acquaintances. I left familiar surroundings for a new environment that needed directions and navigation, and I left wonderful service providers for the task of finding new support. In essence, I left my comfort zone. I risked what I had known as constants in my life for 15 years, for uncertainty and the unknown.

Having said all of the above, it was the right move. My mother passed in January after being married to my father for 63 years.  I was here and able to spend lots of time with my father. Besides being near my dad, brother and his family and my daughter, I have achieved a lot in one year. I have made new friends, met new colleagues, found a fabulous team including a promoter and marketer, received press for my work and quadrupled my ratings on my radio show on WPRO.

When I look back on this past year, it amazes me how much I have learned and grown. I have gained more confidence in my decisions, and have learned to “go for it” in spite of my fears and trepidations. And although I was starting from a position of strength in my career, as I have been “doing” my work in positive media messaging for 25 years, still-in-all, it sometimes felt like I was starting from scratch. My trust and flexibility and endurance were tested. I can report to you today, that I have overcome my fear of driving in the snow again and I have learned to live with the excitement that change and uncertainty bring and to embrace all the possibilities that are ahead for me. I have been given a gift with all of this change – the opportunity to go for my dream. That is a reward in and of itself.

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